Sophy ImproMat nanosilver products

Sophy protective equipment presented unique health care product on the market.

In collaboration with nanosilver material suppliers, ImproMat has developed an innovative blending process that disperses silver particles into a polymer matrix in dimensions larger than nanometers. Consequently, polymer compounds, parent compounds and products, which are manufactured from ImproMat nanosilver polymer intermediates, comply with regulations governing their use in food handling and non-invasive medical applications, including established standards for toys as well.

Sophy Protective Equipment focuses on the application of these products to hospitals, retirement homes, schools, fitness centers, workplaces, stations, airports, public transportation, shopping malls, waiting rooms, laboratories, clean rooms and other places with high traffic. All of these sectors have a large number of contact zones and therefore have a real need for antiviral / antibacterial protection installation. If you have a project that you have imagined for the application of nanosilver material, you can contact us, we will help you find an antiviral / antibacterial material tailored to your product or preferences.

ImproMat stands for Swiss Quality and Guaranteed Availability.

ImproMat materials and products comply with all REACH and RoHS registration regulations. Encapsulation and customized carrier formulations protect silver particles from oxidation and resulting corrosion. Such an approach ensures that no harmful agents migrate outside the polymer matrix, while maintaining maximum antibacterial and antiviral efficacy.

The isotropic integration of nanosilver directly and permanently into the entire polymer compound ensures that antimicrobial benefits permeate the entire matrix. Thus, removal of surface layers by abrasion, scraping, or aggressive chemicals will not release or otherwise facilitate the release of toxins from the bulk polymer, nor will it in any way compromise the antimicrobial efficacy of the polymer.

ImproMat and Sophy protective equipment technology enables the offer of unique polymer compounds and manufactured polymer products, which provide unparalleled antibacterial and antiviral power.

* Antiviral / Antibacterial agents, which are built directly into the plastic make your desired products safer and more sterile. These active substances fight the surviving viruses and bacteria on various everyday surfaces, preventing them from further multiplying and transmitting.

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