Sophy Medical Masks

Sophy Medical Masks

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The Sophy single-use medical face mask is made of three-layer or four-layer polypropylene fabric (PP) and a filter. It is ideal for the protection of your nose and mouth and it is highly comfortable to wear. Our single-use face mask is airy and features soft elastic straps. We offer three-layer or four-layer face masks in white and in blue, depending on the material currently used in production.

  • Made of three-layer or four-layer polypropylene fabric (PP) and a filter
  • Colour: white, blue, depending on the material currently used in production
  • Packaging: small box 50/1, 18 small boxes, 900 units in a cardboard box
  • Standards: EN 14683: 2019

Conformance declaration:
Single use medical three-layer mask (.PDF)
Single use medical four-layer mask (.PDF)

For all inquiries and sale of protective masks contact us at info@sophy.hr

Single-use face masks are primarily used for the protection of other people from exposure to potentially infectious droplets from the person wearing the mask. They are meant for single-use application. An appropriate mask will also protect the user to a certain extent, if it is attached tightly.

For optimal efficiency, the masks should be worn in the appropriate manner (i.e. place it so it adheres to the face tightly and covers both the nose and the mouth as it is worn), replaced when it absorbs moisture, and any touching of the mask while it is worn should be avoided. The masks are primarily used to prevent the spreading of droplets from exhaled air on to the patient or another person, and they may protect the area of the mouth and nose from the direct influence of larger droplets from another person, as well as from the transfer of pathogens through direct hand contact.

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